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The Marie-Claire Academy offers a high quality education that exceeds the expected standards by including in its enriched program courses in science, computer science and third language from kindergarten and throughout primary school.

Our mission and vision

The mission Académie Marie Claire is to enrich the lives of students by providing them with a warm, safe and humane atmosphere where development opportunities predominate, where exposure to knowledge abounds, and where they can become leaders and active members of the community at large.


Académie Marie Claire is a successful institution, where students achieve excellent results by taking one-year courses above the public system, where Grade 6 graduates graduate and are fully bilingual, where students have the opportunity to choose a third language such as Spanish, Italian or Mandarin, where students are exposed to state-of-the-art technology. , where the only international champion of mathematics in Canadian history has evolved, a school being the only primary school to have a science lab among its facilities, then you’ll want to know more about the services offered by Académie Marie Claire.

Why join AMC?

Académie Marie Claire adheres to the principles of a traditional educational program: instilling a love of learning, developing comprehensive language skills; Cultivate an appreciation of science and the arts; to gain an appreciation for sports and athletics. These principles are cultivated daily in a warm, safe and secure environment at the Académie Marie-Claire.

The Académie cultivates future leaders who are sensitive to the needs of others – leaders whose ultimate goal is to improve society and give life a greater purpose than oneself.

Our establishments

The preschool program is aimed at children aged 18 months to 4 years. The Marie-Claire Daycare is recognized for offering a quality program that integrates research on child development stages, and promotes the cognitive development of each child. The exceptional quality of the process and the structural attributes are used to provide exceptional quality service in a warm and child-centered, warm, and caring atmosphere. We offer an above- average student-teacher ratio as well as offer art, music, movement, learning a second- and third-language all taught by specialists in their field. With an open and fluid communication system, parent inclusion is facilitated and participation in the daily life of the child is promoted.

An award-winning institution, Marie-Claire Kindergarten offers children the opportunity to learn and practise the social, emotional, problem-solving and other essential skills they will use throughout their schooling. The Academy encourages a love of learning at every step of your child’s journey. Developing self-esteem is paramount, giving children the confidence to meet the challenges they face. Social and emotional skills are at the heart of students’ daily lives. Cooperation, patience, sharing and listening to others are encouraged. The child’s natural curiosity at this age facilitates learning about the world, organizing information and solving problems. Formative and summative activities give the child the opportunity to build work independently and in small groups. As the year progresses, large group activities become a little longer in preparation for the first year.


The primary school is known for its superior academic standing, innovative teaching methodologies, exceptional student support, and a warm environment. Unlike other primary schools, teachers at the primary school are specialists in the subject matter they teach. There are two classes per grade from grades 1 to grade 6, averaging 22 students per class. Students follow an enriched program at all levels and throughout their years at the Academie. Additional enrichment classes include art, plastic art, music, 3rd language (Italian, Mandarin or Spanish), physical education, media center, leadership, Science. International students follow a rigorous French learning track without compromising academic growth in the other subject matters taught. Students benefit from more than two dozen extracurricular races.

High School

Académie Marie-Claire is a private, coeducational secondary school with an extensive worldview and a legacy of academic excellence. It is a high school that stands ready to meet, match, and expand the minds and passions of some of the brightest students in the nation and the world. It is a place of great tradition and innovation. The high school experience at Académie Marie-Claire promotes educational excellence and provides students with global education. Evidence-based strategies offer a full, engaging journey. A rigorous program and understanding of personalized learning systems serve to broaden the scope and sequence of learning time as well as improve performance by incorporating innovations such as educational technologies, project-based learning, and competency-based progression.

Marie Claire Academy
Marie Claire Academy
Marie Claire Academy
Marie Claire Academy
Marie Claire Academy

Our programs

Enriched French

Throughout primary school, children are exposed to Quebec and French programs as well as receive advanced and high-level courses.

Enriched Maths

The schedule includes more hours of mathematics than the minimum required by the Ministry of Education. No wonder our students always win provincial and national competitions!


Enriched English

English courses are given as English as a first language in the same way as French four times a week, guaranteeing the student an excellent level of English.



Since 2017, the Académie Marie-Claire has welcomed students who do not speak French in its French-language program, which adapts to the rhythm and need of each learner.



Arts and media are an integral part of the philosophy of Académie Marie Claire. Through a myriad of program offerings in this category, including music, painturel writing, film, editing, design, among others, student sensitivity is enhanced, cultural appreciation expanded and intellectual creativity stimulated. The program integrates knowledge of social, academic and emotional development.


Académie Marie Claire remains at the forefront of science and technology. It is the only primary school with a state-of-the-art science laboratory where students can benefit from hands-on experiences. The technology equipment, applications and curriculum are equally impressive and enhance the quality of the science program. The scientific and technological components include an introduction to medical science and other science-related topics.


In the field of first-language development, the enriched French-English bilingual program continues to train students who outperform their peers even before graduation. Spanish, Italian and Mandarin courses are taught as a 3rd language as an integral part of the International students Benefit program from classes dedicated to acquiring French language skills while continuing learning in other subject matter.

Our story

The history of Académie Marie Claire is an example of unbridled perseverance and a whole dedication guided by the love of children. It also shows a passion for quality educational programs. It is a story where we can draw a parallel between the development of the Academy and the dedication of its founder, Madame Marie-Claire Martin.

It was in 1981 that Marie-Claire Martin first enrolled children in her child care. These students received both an educational program and home-cooked meals. They were exposed to the arts and benefitted from a stimulating environment that nourished their minds as well as their bodies. From here the determination to raise the standards of educational services was born and to improve the quality of work associated with Marie-Claire’s name. Since then, she opened several more daycares, each gaining recognition and notoriety.

At the request of parents, La Maternelle de Marie-Claire, an award-winning development, was built in 1995, closely followed by the construction of the Marie Claire Académie in 1997.  Although built in 1995, the first kindergarten class was offered in 1992 at another location.

Since then, the Académie underwent a second phase of development in 2000, when technology became an integral part of the curriculum. The third and fourth phases of expansion took place in 2005 and included additional classrooms, a large gymnasium, an expansion of the computer room and a fully equipped science lab (we are the first primary school to offer this).


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