Académie Marie-Claire (High School)

Language Learning

An enriched bilingual program with a choice of a 3rd language, i.e. Italian, Mandarin or Spanish.

Enriched Science

A rigorous program in science, mathematics, engineering and technology is complemented by the concept of civic responsibility.


Students are prepared to become future leaders and understand that their role is to contribute to the well-being of society.

Transmission of Values

Fundamental values of integrity, respect, courtesy, discipline and commitment to humanitarian causes are instilled.

Artistic Expression

In addition to drawing, arts and crafts, hands-on training is offered in the fields of animation, architecture, and media.

Modernity and Tradition

Infused with tradition, teaching is reinforced by creative thinking, art, science and sport.

Course mock-up

Below are the periods that make up the model of the courses offered by Académie Marie-Claire in grades 7, 8, and 9.

Young Medics

Académie Marie-Claire is the only one to offer Young Medics courses where students are exposed to concepts related to medical sciences. Learners have the chance to observe the heartbeat using a stethoscope or the dilation of the pupils among other activities.

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Young Medics

Young Engineers

The Young Engineers program is for everyone, those who would like to become engineers as well as those who are curious to learn more about machines and other aspects related to the fascinating world of engineering.

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Aspiring Lawyers

The Young Lawyers Program will ignite the passion of students who love to exchange opinions, speak up, defend and put forward their point of view. But it is also a course that will prepare students for ministerial exams and argumentative texts. Through these sessions, participants will be able to experience mock trials, just like in court!

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Ecological environment

The Academy uses products that contribute to an ecological lifestyle and encourages practices that conserve resources such as water and energy.


Construction technology

State-of-the-art buildings are designed to improve student safety, promote an eco-friendly lifestyle and provide state-of-the-art teaching support.


A construction model

The setting reflects the warmth and concern for the well-being of students, staff and parents. It’s a home away from home.

A world-class school program based on years of experience

Our academic success results stem from the Marie Claire Academy’s mission to foster a love of learning, raise social awareness, promote global citizenship, and train leaders and brilliant thinkers for the future. Lifelong learning skills with broad social implications are encouraged. The intention is always to: “Always higher … Always further.”

We continue this mission with an exceptional high school program that includes a rigorous curriculum, reinforced by an IB program, community service, effective study practice coaching, technology training, and much more.

We are renowned for our award-winning math, science and language programs. Our secondary program is distinguished in particular by its bilingual offer; The French and English courses allow students to develop the right level of communication skills and give them a competitive advantage locally and internationally. Art, media and optional courses strengthen the curriculum.

An international perspective is essential to our identity. We welcome students from around the world to enrich our vibrant and inclusive school community. We encourage the development of lifelong learning skills with broad social implications.

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Admissions and tuition fees


Make an appointment and submit your file including your child’s final newsletter for 2020-2021. A non-refundable administrative fee of $50 will be paid for the processing of the application.

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Students whose applications are selected will receive a call to take the French and mathematics exams on site while the parents are entitled to a follow-up information session.

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Tuition fees

To accommodate parents, the Académie Marie-Claire proposes different payment methods. Tax incentives are also posted so that the reader can see the actual cost of attending the Marie Claire Academy.


Student and pedagogical life


Activities, outings, evaluations, tests and important events are all recorded in the school calendar.

YEAR 2020-2021


A variety of classes and extracurricular activities are offered Monday to Friday, from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

List of courses

School outings

Recreational and/or educational outings are offered throughout the year. To participate in the outings, fill out the desired coupons.


Student services

Hot meals

Cooks prepare hot meals on site every day. Students are entitled to a meal consisting of an appetizer, a main meal and a dessert and an afternoon snack.


Help with homework

Students have the opportunity to stay in school after the end of classes to receive the help of their teachers in carrying out the tasks required in homework and in the study of lessons.


School materials

The Academie provides parents with a simple and easy-to-use school supplies ordering service for an efficient and enjoyable shopping experience.


We’ve been building for 25 years

Over the years, the Académie expanded to include a kindergarten, and an elementary school. It is now in its next phase of growth: a high school section. Join!

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