Marie-Claire’s Kindergarten
Daycare, Kindergarten 4 years and Kindergarten 5 years


The Marie Claire Academy
Bilingual education from grades 1 to 6.


The Marie Claire Academy
Bilingual high school from 1st to 5th secondary

Radiation of science

At the Académie Marie-Claire, science is at the heart of learning throughout primary and secondary school through enriched and varied programs.

Radiation of the arts

The arts allow young people to discover and flourish. From preschool, children are exposed to courses in painting, drawing, ballet or calligraphy.

Sports variety

Marie-Claire’s Kindergarten and the Marie-Claire Academy place great importance on sports: karate, soccer, basketball, skiing and volleyball are among the many sports activities offered.

Both traditional and innovative education

The Marie-Claire Academy establishes a love of learning, develops the ability to understand the language to its fullest, fosters a great admiration for the arts and sciences and attaches great importance to sports.

Blossoming children


My daughter spent wonderful years at the Marie Claire Academy learning from compassionate and brilliant teachers and educators who saw her as a unique being. This has helped her to flourish and gain as much interest in the arts as she does in science.

- Eliane Ubalijoro

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